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mélanie Humbert

At Walfer Kulturschapp 
Vernissage - 3 June at 19h30


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mélanie Humbert


At Concept Store MANALENA


Current exhibition 

Sleeping paradise

HFZ Collectiv. vol.2

Aalt Stadhaus Centre Culturel
Differdange, Luxembourg

OPENING - 31 March at 19h30
1 April - 30 April 2022

"Sleeping Paradise" is a group exhibition about dreamy abstract compositions by the art collective HFZ, composed of : 
Mélanie Humbert,
Franky Hoscheid and
Michel Kremer.
The whole concept consists of reproducing each individually imagery's, inspired by their own sleep experience. 
Deliberately the artists choose bedsheets and other materials as painting surface to create their own visually sleeping paradise. 
The hanging of the artworks, the shine trough and transparent color application, should take the viewer to another world.

past exhibition      

faux pas            

cal Spring Exhibition  

Limpertsberg, Luxembourg

OPENING - 14 March at 18h00
12 March - 20 March 2022

past exhibition     

HFZ Collective vol.1

Kulturhaus Niederanven
Niederanven, Luxembourg

OPENING - 8 February at 18h30
9 February - 11 March 2022

past exhibition      

a little undefined 

Agnes Arts, Studio 6B & 7B
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

22 October - 19 December 2021

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